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I liked hunting for male who like I need a sexy Little Rock cuddle buddy

Need a hug? Why not call a cuddling and snuggling service where you can cuddle with a professional? Professional cuddlers, or professional snugglers, get paid to intimately snuggle and cuddle with complete strangers.

I Need A Sexy Little Rock Cuddle Buddy

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Each professional cuddler is just as unique as our clients. Each professional cuddler is there to listen, comfort, console, encourage, and journey with you throughout every cuddle. Remember to pursue positive emotions and listen to your unmet needs.

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Kimberly Kilbride, a self-described "social butterfly," knew she could cuddle strangers for money.

The year-old waitress, who lives in Highland, New York, stumbled onto the strange world of professional cuddling last year when she Googled ways to supplement her waitressing income. And her bubbly and endearing personality shone through even on the phone.

11 weird facts about working as a professional cuddler

And although her boyfriend sometimes gets jealous, he supports her decision to be a professional cuddler. Is it a form of sex work, massage therapy, talk therapy — or all of the above? Is it regulated and safe for participants?

And how do professional cuddlers, predominantly women, who spoon with, hold hands with and cuddle with their clients — all while clothed -- keep their clients, predominantly men, from being inappropriate, pressuring them for sex, or even raping them?

Confessions of a professional cuddler: when men get aroused, 'i ignore it'

There are fewer than a dozen businesses in the U. She's also the co-organizer of the world's first cuddle convention, Cuddle Conto be held on Valentine's Day in Portland. How to turn it, essentially, into a safe business. In person, New York City-based Scott Cameron, who also works for The Snuggle Buddies, has movie-star good looks, a friendly smile, and an earnest -- if wary -- demeanor. Like Kilbride, he wanted to supplement his bartending and catering income, and less than six months ago, he found a help wanted ad for a professional snuggler.

There is a cuddling convention

The year-old sometime model and actor said that since he had worked in the entertainment industry, it was a "natural transition into professional cuddling. But can I be an open ear and provide the framework for someone to open up in a therapeutic setting?

Yes, I can. Although he's the Snuggle Buddies' only New York-based male cuddler, there is not a lot of demand for male snugglers.

New!! snuggle appointments via zoom — and — go for a walk together

A female snuggler, depending on her demand, can get anywhere from 5 to 40 hours a week. Like Kilbride, Cameron has a partner, a girlfriend, and although she was initially jealous and wanted him to have only male clients, she understands his work better now.

And she knows it's " percent platonic," he said.

This is the ideal, anyway. The brave new world of professional cuddling is largely unregulated, or at least haphazardly self-regulated, with few real safety standards in place.

Workers at Snuggle Buddies screen potential clients on the phone and allow their contract workers -- around employees -- to decide for themselves whether they want to meet clients in public first before taking it to a bed or couch. This laissez-faire policy leaves the decision-making up to the cuddler.

For Kilbride, professional snuggling can be both personally gratifying and emotionally stressful. This person tends to want only to talk. Some are sexual- and physical-abuse survivors, Hess said, referred to her by local counselors.

He broke down crying when we first snuggled together. He was in his forties.

And in one unnerving cuddling scenario, she had an overnight session with an insomniac. And what do professional snugglers do when their male clients get physically aroused from being in "spooning" and various hugging positions with their female cuddlers?

If they bring it up, I'll say, 'Is it time to think of something disgusting? Or if they suggest we do something more, I'll remind them that prostitution is illegal in New York City, so that I'm not in the position to say, 'I don't want to f you.

Hess claims that although she made recommendations to Carp on safety and training when she mentored him — at present, the only training provided is the illustrated book The Cuddle Sutra -- he has disregarded them. When asked to respond to Hess's claims, Carp was dismissive.

Things are worked out. There are safety procedures and screeners.

Although Kilbride doesn't use mace, she does have safety measures in place. I have two -- my boss and my boyfriend. She also has a location tracker on her phone.

She discussed how she smoked pot with her clients; would reprimand them -- but not end the session -- when they tried to put their hands down her pants; and that she even engaged in light "fetish" behavior, including "age play" and letting them touch her stockings. She eventually left for more "mainstream" work, she said in the Reddit AMA, because she was tired of the risk involved in going to strangers' homes and having to tell clients she wouldn't have sex with them.

Ultimately, the reasons a person may seek a professional cuddler are as varied as the type of people who provide the cuddling.

Professional cuddler jobs

But for the Snuggle Buddies' Evan Carp, the reason is simple. Photo: Dimas Bravo left ; Kimberly Kilbride right. Related Stories.

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