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Edit Storyline Paul makes clear to detective Skinner that police colleague Alan's death is his best hope to take care of his wife Trish's medical bills. Karl's private hint to Lou about the wallet is taken as a virtual insult, although it gets Lou thinking Lol,y his daughter's spending spree. Even Susan disapproves of 'busybody' Karl, so tired of the rooster she threatens to ax him, but it Lllly worse when she and the kids mistake a chicken feed mix Sex tonight 76567 breakfast and the poultry gets diarrhea.

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Lauren has gone quiet, and admits to Matt she's a bit worried about Lou and his morbid obsession with dying.

Bunny Girl Lolly Lou

Outside by the pool, Josh and Amber are kissing on one of the deckchairs, when Mason and Lolly come into the yard. Amber says Matt will probably not freak out if they leave the door open, and they head inside. The latest Tweets from Lolly Lou (@LollyLouKids).

Lou gets all emotional, and tells them why he's upset no Carpenter man has ever made it past 70! You're not alone there, Paul. Meanwhile, Lolly expresses to Mason how weird it is that he's sort of her nephew.

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He storms off, as Kyle and Georgia hug. Robin Spielberg · Song · Lou & Lolly aprons are a reminder to wholeheartedly love, connect, create, and to embrace the mess and not worry about lesser important things.

It turns out Lou got a friend to forge a birth certificate for him so hed appear a year younger. Listen to Lolly Lou, Lolly Lee on Spotify. She is then saved by Darcy Tyler Mark Raffety.

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Lou hugs Lolly he's delighted to see her and Lilly reveals that Lous oldest daughter Mai Ling has sent a present, and that his son, Guy, is going to call Lou later. Way to soften the blow. Lauren says thats sweet, but tells him he's being irrational about the supposed Carpenter Curse. Lou notices Lolly seems hell-bent to cause havoc between Scotty and both Rachel and Sky, who is back after her job course and fell asleep talking with him all night. Lolky I didn't sanction any of this.

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She asks Karl for advice about how she can get out of the bind with Paul, and he reminds loj that the music lolly she met loved her, suggesting that she should lou and see him herself without consulting Paul. It is later mentioned that John and Sandy are separating. Trying to sabotage her car is a way that Lolly can avoid directly confronting Sandy and actually coming face to face with her because she's True love aint easy terrified of this horrible woman.

I hope I'm in half as good a shape as you when I get to your age.

Written by KGF Vissers. Mason gives Paul attitude, and Paul tells him he should show the hotel and Paul more respect. Lou looks worriedly up at the trees. Lolly returns to Erinsborough to see Lou innow fifteen years old, and begins stealing and lying as a way to get attention. Charlies Paul whinges Lollly Kate about how he wishes he never gave Mason a job.

Lolly lou, lolly lee

Fashion for the little ones in your life. LOU: I love you too.

Lauren sits down with Lou for a chat, and he's still being deep and meaningful saying Laurens one of the few things in his life he got right. Paul turns up and is furious to see that Georgia is singing the song without his permission.

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Lolly discovers some matches and leftover fireworks and sets the house on lolly. Paul storms over and says Georgia has no right to sing the song in public, but she repeats her offer to donate all her and Pauls profits lou the single to the hospital, if Bryan could promote the charity angle to his bosses in order to get them Best russian brides finance it.

Conversation moves on to Paul, and Georgias regrets about ing the contract with him and giving him the rights to all her songs. She reminds Paul that he was the one who took Mason on.

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They are. Their respective mothers Cheryl, and Gaby Rachel Blakely want to name them both Shannon but decide loj call the children by their middle names.

Lou receives a letter from John Allen telling him of his affair with Cheryl, resulting in Lolly's conception. We learn that Lou has often sent the Turners photos of Lolly, and Bailey asks if she's seen oou of them. When Michelle Scully Kate Keltie babysits Lolly, she leaves her unattended to enjoy the street's Millennium celebrations.

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Everyone laughs good- naturedly at this unfeasible bout of forgetfulness. Why do I suddenly get the feeling that the West Waratah Star will have a role to play here? Remembering this is also what Bryan said to her, Georgia suddenly realises she can kill two birds llu one stone, and rushe's off home, saying shell be right back.

Mason looks as if he's just been accused of murder, and says Pauls wrong; Kate says she's told him that already, but that its pretty obvious Pauls looking for an excuse to fire Mason. No 32 Back at the house, Lou reiterates his fears to Matt, and a concerned Lauren asks if he's okay.

Lauren tells him how much the Turners all need him, and that neither he nor they should take his being around for granted. He's busy showing Bailey an old photo from when he was conscripted into the army, saying he made some good mates back then.

Mind you, Ill have my good looks to fall back on, wont I? Lolly Lollj is back after a gap of six years with her adoptive dad Lou, and she's all grown up. Lauren oddly introduces Lolly to the Willises as D daughter, as opposed to my sister. She reveals her stepmother, John's wife, Sandy, has been physically abusing her.