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Need a night in with your friends

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And thanks to the digital age, you can still stay up to date on each other's lives in between hangouts. But even so, sometimes you really just need a night out with your bestie.

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In college, however, you can get away with it. The chance to go out with your best friends and get irresponsibly belligerent on a Monday night won't. What about the inexplicable, blackout nights with your best friends?

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Adopt a "yes mentality" when it comes to going out with your friends. Omg! So what are you waiting for? Get your witty banter and laughter back in person, and then her texts will make you LOL for real again. Hold a candlelit dinner party with your friends fruends use this opportunity to raise Switch off inn the hour and take a power nap or have an early night to wake up.

Its such a fun time with my friends! Netflix will be around forever.

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Enjoy the hangover-free life while you can. It's been way too long since you've hung out, you are seriously overdue for a girl's night out, and you just really want to see your best friend.

In five years when you meet up wiht all your college friends, you'll want to reminisce on all of those crazy nights, not the nights you laid in bed and binge-watched Netflix. But if you Tuscl chicago are always talking about things that happened a long time ago, it's time to go out and make some new memories. If you seriously want a platter of nachos, a bucket of french fries, or whatever food is calling your name, you know your bestie will absolutely you and eat with you until you've both achieved a state of happy food coma.

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Phone calls and coffee dates are great, but you guys need to bond over shared experiences, too. Need some quality ideas for fun things to do for free (or cheap) on a Saturday night? Girls night out seems to get less and less frequent the older you get, but why should that be the case? Liking her no 'do over Instagram is not the ypur as liking it in person.


But, YOLO; it happens. The "clothes" you've purchased will no longer be appropriate to wear after graduation. OK, you had a lot less responsibilities in college and could stay up till 4 a. You and your BFF are entitled to a night of drinking, dancing, and general debauchery. And thanks to the digital age, you can still stay up to date on each other's lives in between hangouts.

You miss her! But if your text message thread starts to look like a collection of boring daily recaps and a stream of unnecessary emojis, it's time to get together and bring your conversation back to life. Making out on the dance floor rriends a bar is not typically acceptable behavior of a full-time, working adult.

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Sometimes my life is so crazy idk what to do but that when I really need my friends. But even so, sometimes you really just need a night out with your bestie. Having real responsibilities? Getting a full-time job?

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If you need a quality chat session, and a phone call just won't suffice, it's time to make some plans. Go to dinner, go to yoga, do whatever you want — and take a fun pic! If you go through your Instagram feed and it takes you multiple scrolls to uour to a photo of the two of you, it's time to make plans ASAP. Pull them out!

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Take advantage of the cheap alcohol while you can; your bank will triends you. It's not as socially acceptable to befriend the bartenders later on in life. Enjoy your time with them while you can; enjoy Netflix later.

Highly unlikely. If you've never woken up still hammered from the night before, you haven't done college right.

Going to class still drunk withh the night before isn't a huge deal. But after graduation, it's very likely that all of your friends will end up in different cities.

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You think you'll go to an adult party and find beer pong and flip cup? A night out with your best friend is as good a reason as any to wear some fancy footwear, and feel fierce as you strut around. I think girls nights are the best! Whether you need to seek some dating advice, to complain about hair removal, or to ask the important life questions, sometimes you just need to talk to your girl.

Here's how you know that you are long overdue for a hangout, and that you are in serious need of a BFF fix. It's important to relish these nights while you still can. Drinking games are fun. It'll be more like dollar Long Island iced teas and dollar shots. The older you get, the worse the hangovers get.

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Laugh over the crazy things you used to do, the embarrassing moments you experienced together, and all of the good times you've had. It will never again be socially acceptable to binge drink Tuesday through Saturday. Get your money's worth and wear them while you can; you'll probably be getting rid of them as soon as you graduate. Showing home to a client meeting still drunk will probably cost you your job.

You don't always have to go out drinking with your friends. When a Snapchat no longer justifies as keeping in touch with your best friend, nivht time to get together, get dolled up and paint the town red.