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Paid for deletion option

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Delete a optiln Delete a customer Permanently deletes a customer. It cannot be undone. Also immediately cancels any active subscriptions on the customer. Parameters No parameters.

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Before pursuing a pay-for-delete option, consider your credit situation. If you delete a card that is currently the default source, then the most recently added source will become the new default. With a pay-for-delete, you offer to pay some, or all, of the debt you owe.

You have the option to make sure the debt collection agency has accurate information and request a debt validation letter within the first 30 days. "Pay for delete" is an agreement with a oprion to pay all or part of an Hiring a credit repair firm is another option for paying to delete bad credit information.

Also immediately cancels any active subscriptions on the customer. Delete a customer Delete a customer Permanently deletes a customer. Unlike other objects, deleted customers can still be retrieved through the API, in order to be able to track the history of customers while still removing their credit card fof and preventing any further operations to be performed such as adding a new subscription.

Returns Returns an object with a deleted parameter on success. Note that for cards belonging to customers, you might want to prevent customers on paid subscriptions from deleting all cards on file, so that there is at least one default card for the next invoice payment attempt. It cannot be undone.

Parameters No parameters. Delete a card You can delete cards from a customer.

If the customer ID does not exist, this call an error. For recipients: if you delete the default card, then the Pxid recently added card will become the new default.