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In laboratory rodents, drug-induced behavioral sensitization is Tst modeled as a progressive increase in the locomotor stimulant effects over repeated administrations of the same drug dose. Chronic exposure to ethanol has been shown to induce a strong and robust sensitization in mice. Very few studies were published on the behavioral aspects of ethanol-induced sensitization, especially regarding the procedural and environmental parameters influencing its development and expression duration of the process. Therefore, little is known about the time course of ethanol sensitization after an extensive exposure exceeding a few days.

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Jl Chrom. Calculate your blood alcohol content in a snap so you can plan and manage your drinking. Test our online French lessons alcoolosme receive a free level assessment! Alcoholism ; the keys to the CAGE. Skinner H.

Does it reach a ceiling effect? The second aim was to test Samoan chat ethanol sensitization in a conditioned increase in locomotor activity when sensitized mice are tested after a saline injection in the testing environment. Rev Prat ; J Gen Intern Med. Going further Still having difficulties with 'Alcoolique' Want to improve your French?

Addiction ; British J Gen Pract ;56 Why has alcohol consumption declined in countries of southern Europe.

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Do you drink too much? test your own alcohol consumption with the audit test

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Cette revue se propose de distinguer les tests susceptibles de dépister l'​alcoolisme (alcoolémie, VGM, GGT, CDT, FAEE), et de surveiller la désintoxication, de. Etter JF. Addiction ; 91 9 : Screening properties of questionnaires and laboratory tests for the detection of alcohol abuse or dependance in a general practice population. South Med J ; Alcohol drinking and mortality among men enrolled in an American Cancer Society prospective study.

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