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Credit: Photo: PA With a happy year marriage and a lifetime devotion to politics, Sir Winston Churchill is not often considered as anything approaching a lothario figure. But as a young man, he had something of a colourful swx life which saw him rate would-be girlfriends at parties, offer to "conquer the world" for them and ask his own mother for advice about his wedding night, it has been claimed.

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Most assume that Winston Churchill's wife would have been a rather mousy, even subservient woman in awe of her illustrious husband.

Having been researching a biography of Churchill for the past four years, I do not believe it. The personal stories, unearthed by historian Sonia Purnell as she researched her book about Clementine Churchill, reveal a rather different man to the statesman known and loved by Britain, whose wife has so far been Biloxi casual dating by his political and military fears.

The life of sex, scandal and tragedy lived by winston churchill's cousin, clare sheridan

When I heard the tape, I decided to investigate the allegation closely — and found that ssex facts, and other correspondence in the Archive, simply do not support it. The fact that the Delevigne family, including the supermodel Cara, and others who were also not alive at the time, claim that an affair took place is equally flimsy evidence.

Servants were known to sell overheard information to newspapers. If Churchill Womaj having a passionate affair with her, would he wait for a whole year to see her again? Why would an internationally renowned figure have chosen there to have an affair?

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He was also speaking half a century afterwards, an absurdly long period of time for historians to take oral evidence seriously. Winston Churchill and his wife Clementine, during a visit to Aldershot, Hampshire, for army manueuvres in PA "Either they had a face that could 'launch a thousand ships', who were therefore eligible, 'merely ', who were very borderline, or 'a small gun boat at most', meaning they were out of the question clearly.

But while she scrupulously. The revelations, which paint Churchill's relationship with his wife, that Churchill engaged in an affair with a glamorous aristocrat, Okcupid messaging problems Doris. Would Churchill have really put up with such an ignorant mistress for the four years alleged by this programme? She obviously gave very good advice and it all went terribly well, so he wrote to her thanking her for the advice and telling her 'we have loved and loitered'.

Furthermore, Lady Castlerosse was still legally married to Valentine Castlerosse at the time, the most waspish gossip columnist of the s, the very last person an adulterer would have chosen to cuckold.

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But as a young man, he had something of a colourful love life Chufchill saw him rate would-be girlfriends at parties, offer to "conquer the world" for them and ask his own mother for advice about his wedding night, it has been claimed. For papers sec record to present the story as true, without interviewing any of the plethora of Churchill historians, or members of the Churchill family, before they trash the reputation of the Greatest Englishman, is a disgrace.

Neither is the fact that Clementine did not go down to stay in the South of France indicative of anything — the Churchills had holidayed separately for three decades and she disliked the Riviera. Meanwhile, he painted Clementine three times.

Churchill presented himself as a 'swashbuckling hero who would rescue any damsels'

Plenty of people like to claim notorious links with the famous, as Cara herself must have discovered by now. She was his rock, co-conspirator, recipient of several hundred heartfelt and passionate love-letters including some from the Chateau de l'Horizonthe mother of his five children and supporter through every conceivable reverse in life. Speaking at the Chalke Valley History Festival, Purnell argued it was time the women in his life ofr a "fair crack of Wkman whip", claiming there was an "awful lot more to say" about the Churchill's when approached from Clementine's perspective.

There is no suggestion he was sleeping with any of them.

Winston churchill rated women out of 1,, loved sex and was not gay, claims historian

This extremely uxorious man with absolutely no track record of infidelity should not become the latest casualty of the post-Weinstein phenomenon, however much the media loves to drag down our heroes. True influence of Clementine Churchill revealed in full in an exhbition of gifts sent by Royals, politicians Churchil, fans across the globe Getty After meeting Clementine, however, Sir Winston wooed her with besotted letters admiring her intellect, and after four months married her.

Credit: Photo: PA With a happy year marriage and a lifetime devotion to politics, Sir Winston Churchill is not often considered as anything approaching a lothario figure. Even Palace servants not allowed into the weekly lunches that Churchill had with the King during the war.

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Her research, she claimed, Woma paid to "scurrilous" rumours about Sir Winston being gay, which had been whispered at the time and have gained currency recently by historians "trying Wlman sell books". He then went on to prospective but unsuccessful liaisons with shipping heiress Muriel Wilson, actress Ethel Barrymore and a music hall girl who retired with him for the evening only to find "Winston had done nothing but talk into the small hours on the subject of himself". While he never showed much interest in women other than his wife, Churchill's life was marked by a series of close platonic relationships with.

Yet there is no indication whatever that Churchill knew that the Cedar rapids girls seeking men had taken place. The book, awarded five stars by the Telegraph, is out now. Similarly, the sly insinuation that servants were given the evening off so that Churchill could have sex with Lady Castlerosse can be easily explained by the fact that they wanted privacy to talk and gossip.


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The fact that Churchill painted his friend Lady Castlerosse — who did have an affair with his son Randolph in the early s - means nothing. Speaking of Sir Winston's eccentricities, Purnell added he had an wholly innocent habit of inviting his pretty secretaries to take dictation late at night, and says "never bothered" by nudity. Because Clementine probably did have her own holiday fling in the South Seas with the art dealer Terence Philip init is assumed by Channel 4 that Churchill was indulging in some form of revenge sex.

Even inafter so many disappointments during the Wilderness Years, Churchill still believed he was going to become Prime Minister one day; this would have been an insane risk to have taken.

According to one historian, a youthful Sir Winston attacked Cuhrchill romantic life with "gusto" in the same way he tackled any other problem, after realising he needed to find a wife. But of course first he had to find one. By far the most important reason to doubt this story was that Churchill was desperately in love with Clementine from onwards. Churchill, aged 19, in the uniform of the Fourth Queen's Own Hussars Getty Details of his lesser-known personal life reveal how he tried to present himself as a "swashbuckling" suitor, proclaimed sex a "delightful occupation" and startled female staff at Chartwell by running between rooms in the nude.